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HND Health Disparities

“To eliminate disparities, we must know enough (research); do enough (deliver the outcomes); care enough (commitment); and persevere enough (don't get discouraged).” - David Satcher, Director, Morehouse School of Medicine, National Center for Primary Care

The vast and perpetual strength of North Dakota lies in its ability to take care of its citizens. The state's long-term investment in health has been rewarded in more ways than one with its promotion of a Healthy North Dakota initiative that began in 2002. The initiative brings a certain amount of pride in knowing any progress in health care will increase a person's life span and improve upon the quality of life for all citizens of North Dakota. However, when one measures progress on a health-care scale, it's recognized that certain disparities appear in the health and welfare of certain segments of the population. For instance, not all North Dakotans enjoy health and health-care equity. With the growing Native American, immigrant, refugee and migrant populations, the state is developing a diverse society of extensive cultural, educational, economic and language differences that may hamper the ability of some groups to participate in the improvements of health enjoyed by many in the state. For more information, see the North Dakota Department of Health, Office for the Elimination of Health Disparities

Phyllis Howard