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HND Healthy Eating and
Physical Activity

The Healthy North Dakota Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) Partnership was formed in 2008.  

VISION:  We envision a future in which North Dakotans are physically active, eat healthy foods and live in communities that support those behaviors.  

PURPOSE: Provide a framework for working together to educate, advocate for policies, and build and support environments that make it easier for North Dakota residents to choose healthy foods and be physically active.  Creating healthy environments in communities across the state can:

  • improve the quality of life,
  • reduce rates of chronic disease,
  • slow the increase in the proportion of children and adults who are overweight and obese, and
  • reduce the healthcare financial burden.

OVERALL GOAL:  Prevent and control chronic diseases through healthful eating and physical activity.  


  1. Create and sustain healthy eating and physical activity environments through policy development.
  2. Improve access to healthy foods and places for physical activity.
  3. Promote healthy lifestyles by building and enhancing partnerships.
  4. Use best and promising practices to guide efforts to improve healthy eating and physical activity.
  5. Continually and respectfully work to reduce disparities related to physical inactivity and poor nutrition.

View the entire HEPA State Plan (pdf)

For more information about the HEPA Plan or HEPA Partnership, please contact Deanna Askew,