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Health Facts

North Dakotans live in a state where clean water and clean air are plentiful. North Dakotans consider their health and health care to be good. And the state ranks well in over-all health ranking reports

However, to keep up and improve our state's economic climate and make sure that all people have access to what is needed for good health, we can do better.
The last time a large study was undertaken, it was estimated that the cost of treating chronic diseases was nearly one billion dollars in our state alone, and the costs of low productivity were costing our state $2.8 billion dollars. In fact, the Milken Institute estimated that North Dakota could gain $7 billion in productivity by putting prevention and treatment programs in place.
What are our health challenges? North Dakota has a high rate of binge drinking among adults and youth and there are large inequities between places and races in the state. Health disparities in North Dakota are significant and exist across the life span. While Native Americans make up 5.4 percent of the population in North Dakota, they account for 51 percent of infant Mortality deaths in the state. The death rate is three times higher in the Native Americans ages birth to 44 years is than it is for the white population and Native Americans living in North Dakota experience death due to cardiovascular disease at twice the rate of death for whites. Healthy North Dakota, the North Dakota Department of Health and partners across the state are working to improve conditions and environments to improve health for all people in our state.

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