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Preschool Age Children

Children ages two to four years are busy and full of life! As a parent or caregiver, your role in setting the stage for your child’s later life is important at this time. Start building healthy behaviors and a healthy environment now…here are some suggestions:




Healthy Eating

How can I make vegetables more appealing to my child? Learn more about serving fruit and vegetables.

Looking for ideas to help your family eat more fruits & veggies? Families from across North Dakota share how to include MORE fruits and vegetables as you shop, in family meals, for kids, or eating “on the go”.

North Dakota WIC Program for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children younger than 5 with nutrition health risks and meet income guidelines.

Selected nutrition and feeding information for the parents of infants and young children from the ND WIC program.

Physical Activity

Kids in Action: Fitness for Children Through Age 5. Suggestions on how to be physically active with your child as an infant, toddler, and preschooler.

Healthy Living

Immunize to protect children.

Mental Health

“What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health” from the National Mental Health Association.

Developmental Stages

Child Development resource, research and links from the US Centers for Disease Control.

Find information and resources on child development and download “Positive Parenting Tips” from the US Centers for Disease Control.

Safety and First Aid

Find out how to reduce injuries to children.

Caring for pre-schoolers

Licensed childcare in North Dakota and Child Care Resource and Referral. Learn more about caring for preschoolers.

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center - a comprehensive resource for anyone involved with or interested in early childhood education.