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Preventive Health Legislation Passed by the 2007 Session

SB 2313 - allocates $400,000 to be used to purchase AED's for all ND school buildings and provides minimal funds for contracted services for overall plan design, RFP development, scoring, equipment ordering, dissemination, training, and evaluation.

HB 1471 - allocates $50,000 to the ND Department of Health for the purpose of providing education on the availability of a human papilloma (HPV) virus vaccine for the 2007-2009 biennium.

HB 143 - Transitions the immunization program in the state from a “universal select” program to a “provider choice” program with a contingency appropriation to allow the ND Department of Health to purchase vaccines to distribute to local public health units and other providers; allows universal immunization to continue.

SB 2309 - Increase in high school graduation requirements – now includes requirement for one unit of physical education for graduation (one-half of which may be health education).

SB 2354 - A school district must make available to high school students one-half unit of physical education during each school year, provided that once every four years the unit must be a concept-based fitness class that includes instruction inthe assessment, improvement, and maintenance of personal fitness.

HB 1293 - Allows health professionals, other than dentists, who have undergone training, to apply topical fluoride varnish to teeth.

HB 1290 - Requires the ND Department of Health, during the 2007-08 interim, to contract with a professional organization (American College of Surgeons) to perform an evaluation of the trauma system in ND.

2007 Interim Studies around Preventive Health Issues

23-27-04.7 - Receive report from the State Health Officer before July 1, 2008, regarding the outcome and recommendations of the State Health Council's study of the minimum requirements of reasonable emergency medical services coverage, taking into account the response time for emergency medical services (Public Safety Committee)

3046 - Study ways in which various public and private entities can cooperate with families to promote healthy lifestyles for children and create awareness about the interplay of healthy lifestyle choices and educational success (Education Committee)

3022 - Study the availability and future need for dementia-related services, as well as funding for programs for individuals with dementias (Long-Term Care Committee)

The North Dakota Medical Association has a comprehensive summary of medical
legislation on its website.