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What is Healthy ND?

Healthy North Dakota is a dynamic, statewide partnership that brings together partners and stakeholders to identify common strategies to address health issues. Healthy North Dakota's framework supports North Dakotans in their efforts to make healthy choices by focusing on wellness and prevention – in schools, workplaces, senior centers, homes and anywhere people live, learn, work and play.

The vision of Healthy North Dakota speaks to the initiative’s ultimate goal of “Healthy People, Healthy Communities.”

Healthy North Dakota’s mission is to “inspire and support North Dakotans to improve physical, mental and emotional health for all by building innovative statewide partnerships.”

Governor John Hoeven launched the Healthy North Dakota initiative in his 2002 State of the State address. More than 130 people from more than 75 organizations met at an inaugural summit in August 2002 to define wellness and identify health priorities for North Dakota. Learn more about the history of Healthy North Dakota.

Healthy North Dakota Priority Areas include the areas identified by North Dakota stakeholders and participants at the first Healthy North Dakota Summit, as well as coalitions and committees in place whose efforts weave through the priority areas. Workgroups, or committees, have formed around each of the priority areas.

Healthy North Dakota and its network of partners are working to help North Dakota’s children grow to be as healthy and productive as possible through efforts to reduce childhood obesity and improve nutrition and physical activity. A summary of efforts in Let's Move! America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids –  Healthy North Dakota’s Efforts (pdf)

Look for more information about Healthy North Dakota Coalitions, Committees, and Focus Areas on their group pages.

Melissa J. Olson