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Healthy North Dakota committees and partners are supporting health at every level of education, from early childhood, through primary and secondary school and into higher education.

Healthy Weight Council ToolkitsTo help create environments that have the potential to improve the health of all who learn and work in schools, the North Dakota Healthy Weight Council is pleased to provide toolkits for school personnel, parents, students and the community. Click here to view the toolkits.


Students at Burlington Elementary School learn about food, nutrition and health through their school garden project.

Healthy students learn better:

- Research shows a correlation between positive health behaviors and increased student achievement.
- Adequate nutrition increases the brain's ability to learn.
- Physical activity increases learning and academic achievement

North Dakota Providing a Chance for Children to Succeed

North Dakota ranked 12th in a study by Education Week magazine that tracked 13 areas necessary  for success in life including family incomes, degrees achieved by children and parents, English fluency for parents, test scores, high school graduation rates and employment. The Quality Counts 2007 report - "From Cradle to Career: Connecting American Education From Birth Through Childhood". North Dakota and Minnesota tied for fifth in the nation in an evaluation of achievement for kindergarten through 12th-grade education included in the same report (North Dakota's state profile).